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Freight and logistics solution for business
It is a comprehensive product for the delivery of large, dangerous, and personal cargo around the world by air and road transport. We provide transportation, accompanying, customs clearance abroad and in Ukraine, and delivery to the service point or the recipient's address.
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If you are shipping for the first time – to conclude an agreement on the provision of global delivery services, please, contact our Customer Care Service at 38-044-290-74-74
Make sure the shipment is appropriate for the service of your choice
Make sure that the Recipient has prepared all the necessary documents for customs clearance in the country of destination (contract between the Sender and the Recipient, specification for the cargo, invoice, permits depending on the cargo’s characteristics)
Fill out an application on the website or send us the completed application form (download it from the Accompanying Documents section). Get a track number
Prepare your shipment. For international shipments, accompanying documents and secure packaging are required
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У разі In case of further questions regarding customs clearance in the country of destination, the Recipient will be contacted by an NP Global representative
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International freight agent

Nova Poshta Global expands the scope of services and offers a new service to businesses. One of them is road and air freight from China, Germany, Poland, the USA and other countries worldwide. It is a cargo transportation, which is carried out on the basis of an agreement and includes a set of preferences for the client of the transport company. Freight is required for delivery or receiving large, bulky, dangerous cargo, or a large batch of standard goods and products. In this case, transportation involves additional stages:

• ensuring the secure delivery;

• preparation of an extended set of accompanying shipping documents;

• frequently, intermediate warehouse services;

• cargo insurance;

• forwarders services and brokers support.

Nova Poshta Global takes over international transport stages when concluding a freight agreement.

Road freight: international transport features

Road freight is the rental of one or more trucks for the delivery of cargo on pallets or in containers. The advantage of this service is the ability to select the desired vehicle:

• a trailer;

• a van;

• temperature-controlled truck, etc.

One of the drawbacks is that the long distance delivery takes a considerable amount of time, so when crossing the border the downtime is possible. However, the affordable price of the service for some customers compensates for this shortcoming.

The agreement defines the conditions for road freight transportation:

• weight and type of the cargo;

• place and time of loading;

• type of vehicles;

• destination, unloading address;

• delivery date;

• payment procedure.

These conditions shall be observed by the parties. If they are violated, the aggrieved party receives compensation.

Air freight: transportation features

To deliver a container from China, India, the USA and other remote countries by car, you need to wait several months. The companies don’t always have time to wait.

Air freight allows you to quickly deliver and receive express shipments from Ukraine abroad and to Ukraine from 30 countries of the world. As well as road freight, air cargo involves the signing of an agreement between the parties. All conditions, including force majeure, for example, due to seasonal or weather restrictions are indicated in the agreement.

Air freight pros:

• flights logistics according to individual preferences and route;

• cargo transportation is possible to any place in the world;

• delivery in a short time, which is important when transporting fragile and perishable goods, animals, and plants;

• high speed and security level;

However, air freight transportation has a disadvantage which is a high cost. But all the advantages outweigh this drawback.

Overseas freight shipping rates calculation

Many entrepreneurs inquire how to calculate overseas freight shipping rates for a particular consignment of goods. The value of the agreement is determined by:

• means of transport

• distance;

• cargo type and volume;

• insurance amount;

• delivery terms;

• additional services — loading, packaging, support.

Contact the manager of Nova Poshta Global to find out the details of freight. They will also guide you on the overseas air freight rates and road freight rates.

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