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Nova Global delivers to 200 countries around the world

Sending a parcel to distant relatives in Malaysia or relatives in Israel? Maybe you have long planned to expand your business to the North American market or start shipping goods to Australia? Nova Global customers can send parcels to 200 countries around the world.


Who is it relevant to? 


  • entrepreneurs who think globally and act strategically
  • shoppers who prefer to order original branded items from abroad
  • those who work with international marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Joom, AliExpress, and dozens of others
  • retail beginners who want to sell on the international market
  • businesspeople looking for reliable ways of shipping abroad
  • you, if you need to deliver a package to another country


We provide services of packing, customs clearance of a parcel in the countries of origin and destination, storage, forwarding, and return of shipments. 


Send the favorite and necessary things to relatives and friends abroad from Ukraine. Start or expand your business into international markets with Nova Poshta Global as your trusted logistics partner.